FAQ Kindergarten

Can my child have a midday rest?
Unfortunately there is no space in the kindergarten for a midday sleep. There is a quiet time after lunch in the group room. Should a child badly need a nap there are ways and means of providing it.

How many children and teachers are there in each group?
We have two groups with approximately 21 children and a third with just 16. There are at least two trained teachers in each group and are complemented by part-time helpers and English-speaking assistants (native speakers).

Is there a special pre-school programme?
Yes, our pre-school children have a special programme twice a week when they prepare for the demands of school.

From what age can my child attend the kindergarten?
We accept children from 3 years of age. This means that all children who have turned 3 by September can move from nursery to kindergarten. Those who turn 3 in October or later will generally stay in the nursery for another year.

How do the children adjust to kindergarten?
We take into consideration the individual child’s needs. If deemed necessary one parent can accompany a child in the group for a short period.

Should the children provide their own food?
Lunch is prepares in our own kitchen for all the groups. The children  should bring a snack for the morning and the afternoon if necessary.