Our After-School Club for Primary-School Children

In our after-school club we look after primary-school children, that visit us after their school day finishes. The club is also available during the school holidays and with that we offer a fun and diverse holiday programme.

What we offer our children

  • Supervised homework sessions
  • A wide range of incentives to be active, both in the garden and/or the gym.
  • Creative crafting in our Arts & Crafts workshop
  • Regular Kids’ conferences
  • Holiday programme with varied activities and projects.

What is important to us

  • To help strengthen and support the children in their further developement and to offer them guidence and orientation on their way to being independant individuals
  • To provide a balanced atmosphere for the children, after a performance-oriented day at school.
  • To offer the children a number of activities and the oppurtunity to freely chose how they would like to spend their free time
  • To convey values and standards of social interaction.

Our space

Our after-school club children can move around freely and use all open spaces for their chosen activities. In addition to their own designated homework room, the adjacent kindergarten group space is also available to them in the afternoon. They can either relax and be creative in our very well equipped Arts & Crafts workshop, play a game of table football, or they can chose from a number of more energetic, physical activities both inside and outdoors. These include: i.e. our spacious gym, the outside trampoline (only available from spring to autumn), our super long slide, playing ballgames on the lawn, or racing around on our 4-wheelers.

Watch this video and see for yourself.


Our after-school club team is looking forward to meeting you and your child/ren.

Gonca Piller

Gonca Piller

Bennie McMillan

Bennie McMillan