After school club

In our after-school club we look after primary-school children.

What we offer

  • Supervised homework sessions

  • Wide range of incentives to get active in the garden and gym

  • Creative crafting in our crafts room

  • Regular “kids’ conferences”

  • Project day every Friday (no homework)

  • Holiday programme with a wide range of activities and projects

  • Compilation of portfolios for and with the children

What is important to us

  • We help to strengthen the children’s skills, develop their personalities and increase their independence

  • A wide range of activities are available and they can make use of different rooms in the facility

  • eine Möglichkeit zur freien und abwechslungsreichen Gestaltung der Freizeit zu bieten

  • A central aspect of our work is to teach values and norms, leading to positive social interactions