Our Waiting List

For all families with children that we unfortunately aren’t able to successfully accept at IKA, or families that handed in their registration late, we have the possibility to sign up for our waiting list. Please note, that you do not automatically transfer to the waiting list, if your applications has been unsuccessful. Please inform us of your wish to be put and remain on the waiting list. For a listing, please fill in a regular Registration Form.

Please note, that you do not automatically receive acceptance or refusal notifications from the waiting list. You will only hear from us, if we have foreseeable vacancies. Furthermore, our waiting list is without ranking, so that the completion and ‘hand-in’ of the registration form is not crucial or deciding to the possible allocation. In the meantime, we are also unable to give you any feedback regarding your chances of allocation.

The registration for the waiting list is only valid until the end of the school year. An extension is only possible through contacting us directly via telephone. We kindly ask you to also inform us, if you are no longer interested in being on the waiting list so we can remove you.