Registration Guidelines

If you think the IKA is the right establishment for your child/children, please fill out our registration form. You can pick it up personally or download it. Every year in January we organise an ‘Open-Day’, at which you have the possibility to get to know our establishment, fill out the registration and hand it in personally and of course to ask all the questions you may have.

The deadline for the registration for the school year starting in September is the 15th February of the same year. The successful applicants are allocated and contacted thereafter. We have the option during the selection period, to invite individual families to a ‘get-to-know’ meeting with us. In April we send the acceptance information out, as well as informing the families we sadly have to turn down.


The dates and timelines for this process are given by the Education department of Augsburg (Bildungsreferat der Stadt Augsburg) and apply to all of Augsburg’s day care centres.

If you receive an acceptance refusal, you still have the possibility to stay on our waiting list throughout that school year. In exceptional cases places may be cancelled due to various reasons, i.e. relocation, so that free spaces can also be filled by new families throughout the year. Because of this, please let us know if you would like to receive further consideration and remain on the waiting list.

In the case of successful acceptance, we negotiate an appointment for the signing of the care contract. Before the start in September, we invite you and your child/children to a little introduction get-together, in the group your child has been accepted into.

This general procedure will be adjusted for the school year 2021/22 in accordance with current COVID19-restrictions.

Registration for the school year 2021/22
Unfortunately our ‘Open-Day’ in January 2021, will not be allowed to take place due to the current COVID19-Pandemic. Please take a look at our homepage and do not hesitate to give us a call with any questions or enquiries you may have. If you would like to register, please forward the filled out registration form to us either via post or email.

The deadline for registrations for the school year 2021/22 is 15th February 2021. Our registration form is available as PDF file: Registration Form (PDF)