Booking your Child Care Hours

Nursery and Kindergarten

Our day care center is open from Monday-Friday from 07:30H till 17:00H. The children can be dropped off until 08:30H. Thereafter the core time frame starts, by which time all children should be present so all groups can begin with their daily routines, i.e. morning circle etc. The main reason for that is so that the educational team can have an undisturbed time frame for their work with the children, without being interrupted by the drop off and/or pick up of individual children. From 12:30H the children may be picked up according to your number of hours booked and dependend on eating and sleeping arrangements.

Upon completion of the care contract, the child care hours will be chosen according to your childs expected presence and are then binding. For child care in the nursery and kindergarten, there is a minimum booking frame of 4-5 hours.

After-School ClubAt the After-school club, the core times for children in 1st & 2nd grade  starts at 11:45H during term. For children in 3rd & 4th grade, it starts at 12:45H. The care/supervision finishes, according to the booking hours set in the contract (i.e. 15:00H, 16:00H or 17:00H). During the school holidays the After-School club is open from 08:00H.