Our Nursery for the Little Ones

In our nursery we care for 26 children between 1 and 3 years of age, divided into two groups.

What we offer our children

  • Repetitive schedules, processes and rituals that give them a sense of security and confidence.
  • Various opportunities to be active, inside as well as outside in the garden and on walks.
  • Encouragement to experience, experiment and explore with all senses

What is important to us

  • To help each child to settle in gradually according to his/her individual needs with an appropriate introduction period following the ‘Berlin Model’
  • To focus on each child individually and support all aspects of his/her development.
  • Each child has the opportunity to build long lasting and meaningful relationships and practise social behaviours

Our space

Our lovingly decorated rooms have become a place of comfort and security for our little ones. Both groups consist of one big main space with a climbing plateau and a seated area for lunch/snack-time, a sleeping room and a fully equipped bathroom with a nappy-changing area. The groups share a kitchen, in which we are able to give the children little baking experiences and are able to cook or heat up/reheat brought in food. We have a very spacious main hallway that is exclusively used by our little ones to play on, as well as a separate garden space with a climbing frame, slide, swing, sandpit and various vehicles. The garden is accessible directly from both groups. Also available to the nursery is our very generously sized gym used for varied inside activities.

Watch this video and see for yourself.


Our nursery team are looking forward to meeting you and your child/ren.